"Adventures in Paradise"-2006
Hello, again. It's 2006, and I hope you will join us as we combine two of our favorite hobbies. Namely, fishin' and photography.

The new Canon PowerShot S3 IS that Richard gave me for my birthday accompanies us nearly every time we visit Sportsman's Paradise.

Learning to use this fancy-schmancy camera has caused everything from joy to cussin' to tears. OMG! What a complicated little black box this thing is! But I've found one thing even I can do with it....


I can get shots now that I could only get with the zoom on the camcorder before, and the quality of the stills from video was pretty sorry. If you've visited some of our other pages, I think you will see the difference between this camera, and the ones we have used before.
Before we even got down the lane to the lake, I noticed an irresistable photo opportunity. Horses were my first love, even before the elkhounds....but being a horsewoman wasn't to be my destiny. I satisfy my appreciation and admiration of these magnificent creatures by whatever other means I can...rooting at the races, reading horse novels, watching horse movies, drawing horses....and of course....a little horse photography, whenever the chance presents itself. Horseback riders are often seen along the shores of Paradise, and now that I have a camera that can zoom ACROSS the lake....the next riders might just appear on this page.
The owner's patriotism is openly displayed enroute to the baithouse.
Before we even got around the first bend in the lane, I made Richard stop the car again, for another photo op. This turtle was sunning himself on a log, and my Mighty Zoom allowed me to get close enough for a few shots before he noticed me and did a back flip into the water.
You have to look really close to see what I was zooming at in this picture. These lily pads are covered with tiny, blue dragon flies.
When we have a bad fishin'day, we always holler "There ain't no fish in this dang lake"...but we know better.
Here's proof that fish get put in, we just aren't too good at gettin' them OUT!

Well, sometimes one of us gets lucky. This one was Richard's. I was too busy playing with the camera to concentrate on fishing.
And who has time to fish, with a new camera, and subject matter like this. This bullfrog was about 10 feet away, and I was able to zoom right in on him. Cool, huh?
But one of my more interesting photo shoots involved another water creature, and the pictures were so intriguing that I gave them there own page. If your stomach is strong......click here, scroll down and check out